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Roof Trusses

Light wood roof trusses are used in a modern roof assembly to reduce the amount of material and labour used to frame a roof. Trusses will typically clear span the building so as to leave the structure unencumbered by interior bearing walls that are normally required with stick framed roofs.

Trusses will form the slope of the roof that could be gable, hip, gambrel, flat, shed or any combination of these. The truss will also form the ceiling slope of the upper rooms, which is typically flat but could include cathedral areas, coffer ceilings or multilevel ceilings.

Installation of the truss will follow the layout plan that is provided with the truss delivery. The layout plan provides the installer with the details required to correctly install such items as beams, hangers and piggybacks as well as showing the areas that are to be conventionally framed. Engineered drawings that are also provided with the trusses detail the bracing that is required for each truss. In addition bracing recommendations will be provided with each order, which outline bracing that should be installed to complete the roof assembly.

Truss bracing is a very important part of the total building frame and should be properly installed acording to the details supplied. In the case of commercial buildings and long span agricultural buildings it is imperative that an experienced building designer take responsibility for the total building bracing.

Floor Trusses

Open web floor trusses combine the requirements of long span floor designs with the ease of mechanical installation. No cutouts are required to run HVAC and plumbing and a rectangular duct opening can be provided in the centre of the span. Rivard Engineered Products Inc. builds Ultra V Span floor trusses to your building requirements. Details such as top chord bearing to eliminate hangers and trimable ends for ease of installation are available. Floor trusses are designed specifically for each project as roof trusses are. Floor trusses are designed to meet the Canadian Vibration Control as is required in the Ontario Building Code 1997.

As is the case with any truss the rule of thumb that "deeper is cheaper" holds true for floor trusses. A deeper truss will span farther for a given load and spacing so increasing the truss depth can reduce the cost of the truss floor. Ultra V Span trusses are available in 9 1/4 ", 11 1/4", 12 3/4" and 14 1/4" depths.

Engineered Joists

Rivard Engineered Products Inc. is a stocking dealer for International Beam Engineered (IB) Floor Systems, which was developed more than 25 years ago and has seen continuous improvement to provide a quality floor system while making the most efficient use of forest resources.

International Beam Engineered (IB) joists come in an extensive range of depths and profiles to make the most cost efficient floor system for spans up to 30 ft. in residential applications. We stock joists rim board beams and headers in the most common 9", 11 7/8" and 14" depths. Other sizes are available through special order.

Performance of a International Beam Engineered (IB) floor system is based on the complete assembly and will be designed to meet the new Ontario Building Code 2006 & Canadian Vibration Control criteria. Working with the specifications for floor decking, ceiling applications, multiple span joists and blocking a floor system with a IB - Pro Rating that will satisfy the most discerning customer will be designed. To complete the IB floor system beams are available along with a complete selection of headers can be specified for wall openings. These engineered headers are made from fast growing species of trees that are not large enough to use for conventional wood products. OSB Rimboard engineered beams make an ideal choice when thinking of the environment. When designed in conjunction with the floor and floor components you can be assured that the engineered system you receive from Rivard Engineered Products will meet the applicable code requirements and provide a squeek free with a truly solid feel.



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